Quality White Boards


Why Choose Scribble Whiteboards?

We’re proud of the whiteboard products we produce, and with that in mind we have an industry unique five year guarantee on all the whiteboards products we produce.
We offer free 48 hour delivery to anywhere in the UK.

Why are our Whiteboard Products Sought After?
Our whiteboards are built to stand the test of time. We ensure each whiteboard is manufactured to the highest possible level of performance, making them ultra-smooth and ultra-durable helps the whiteboards endure the hard work that you invest in them every day.
If the sizes or finishes are not what you’re looking for, then let us know; our specialised team is trained to listen to your needs and create solutions that suit you.

What Kind of Whiteboards can we supply?
We stock a wide variety of whiteboards and accessories to suit pretty much every need of our clients but our most popular whiteboards are;

Skin Magnetic Whiteboard (75 x 115 cm Panel)
SkinWhiteBoard - the unlimited whiteboard. SkinWhiteBoard is a modular, magnetic, frameless whiteboard. Because the boards have flat edges and no frames, they can be placed above, below or next to each other creating options from one sleek contemporary whiteboard, to a whole wall. This slim magnetic whiteboard comes with a painted steel pen tray & everything required for installation.

Super Smooth Professional Whiteboard 120 x 90 cm
Professional Magnetic Whiteboard. Enjoy the effortlessness of our Super Smooth Whiteboard, built to withstand all the hard work you do. Delivering the highest level of performance, this whiteboard features an ultra-smooth and ultra-durable surface making it a doddle to keep clean. Even accidental permanent ink can be removed. This whiteboard is perfect for high use areas such as classrooms.

MINI double sided hand held Whiteboard in Green 
The ideal whiteboard for children, made from 100% recycled material.* The MINI hand held double sided whiteboard is the ultimate teaching aid for literacy, numeracy and fun! Lightweight and unbreakable with a soft pliable surround, this unique whiteboard has grids on one side for letter and number formation and is plain on the other side for drawing.