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    Here at Scribble, we stock a wide variety of products, suitable for numerous businesses, including; schools and offices. Our extensive amount of products means we have been able to serve those in a wide variety of sectors.

    Scribble was founded by Richard Bull who has worked in the visual communication industry for sixteen years. Before starting Scribble, he worked at senior levels in large visual communication companies and understands every commercial and technical aspect of manufacturing very high quality products at a reasonable price.

Scribble Notice Boards

We stock a large range of notice boards, all with a smooth finish in order for users to write and draw with ease and

clarity. In addition to this, our modern range of frameless magnetic whiteboards, complete with a unique, flat edge design are highly adaptable, and may be placed above or adjacent to other magnetic whiteboards, creating a large surface area to work from. Having been in the visual communications industry for many years, we understand the needs of our highly valued customers, and go the extra mile to ensure that each of our products meet the high standards you expect. We pride ourselves on being different from our competitors and consistently strive to ethically source all materials we use.

Scribble offers a wide range of notice boards and cork boards which are suitable for use at home or in the office. Our whiteboards and notice boards come in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find the board to meet your requirements and budget.

Notice Boards
  • Skin Whiteboard System
  • Magnetic Whiteboards
  • Children’s Whiteboards
  • Flipchart Easels
  • Indoor Notice Boards
  • Outdoor Notice Boards
  • Menu Stands and Cases
  • Chalk Menu Boards
  • A Boards
  • Snap Frames and Poster Cases
  • Acrylic Displays
  • Whiteboard Magnets

Our notice boards come at very competitive prices and with free delivery on all orders, there has never been a better time to buy so browse our selection of notice boards and online today.

Top Uses for Notice Boards

Notice boards are widely used across the globe for many reasons. They can help improve communication and also can become a central focus, or even a meeting place for employees and communities. There are a range of uses for notice boards including:

  • To post public messages for people.
  • Help build company brand
  • As a Bulletin Board for company updates
  • Advertise upcoming events
  • Promote Communication between administration and other staff
  • Announce Company results- which can enhance productivity and build staff motivation.
  • Create unity and a common purpose between staff members and help team building.

How Notice Boards Can Help Your Business

Notice boards are a very versatile and creative way to promote your business, they give you the opportunity to make an impact using graphics, colour and creative text. Here at Scribble we know that notice boards are very popular. They are used in almost any place where businesses use promotional aids you see display boards of varying sizes and colours.

We are experienced in designing and producing the right display board to suit all our customer’s needs. Our notice boards are lightweight, suitable for indoor or outdoor use and easy to transport which makes them very versatile. Because our boards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this provides the user with more flexibility to visually communicate in the best way to suit their business model or general needs.    

Notice boards are very helpful for sharing information amongst members of almost any organisation. There are a range of benefits that come with notice boards. Notice boards can be placed outside to attract the attention of the public or target a group of consumers.

Benefits of Choosing our Notice Boards

Fitting a notice boardWith technology growing on a daily basis, you may presume that traditional notice boards would soon be a thing of the past. There are many benefits that come with our notice boards and communicational products, because when you think about it- unlike electronic products- notice boards cannot fail from technical malfunctions. We know that classrooms and offices have restrictions when it comes to display and this is why our notice boards are so flexible in terms of positioning and size.

Here at Scribble, we care about quality and we are professionals when it comes to getting things right. In the commercial world we live in, some materials and components need to be purchased from around the globe and shipped to our facility in the UK. This is why we go to great lengths to ensure that these materials and components are always ethically sourced. We not only personally visit all of the factories we source from but, if necessary, our factories’ suppliers and their suppliers too.

Our products are used for a wide range of places, including;

  • Classrooms
  • Hospital wards
  • Retail shop floors.

Often we have customers come to us wanting to purchase product which are not typical of a normal order, so when this happens, we take our role very seriously. We know that outstanding customer service is an overused term, but we take pride in what we do so our customers will never be disappointed. If you are not happy with your purchase or if there is a problem, then we will help you with your issues until it is fixed and you are happy.

We know that this information may be a bit overwhelming but we are confident that we will deliver and this is why we’ve made such bold claims. Scribble do a fantastic job and it’s reflected in their prices, not only do we deliver our promises but we actually prove our quotes.

Scribble Notice Boards: We Can help

Lockable Notice BoardAs mentioned before, we take a very ethical approach to the materials we use for our products and have sustainability at the forefront of all we do. You may think our prices would be sky high in terms of the knowledge we hold and the quality of our products, but this just isn’t the case. So if we have enticed you to buy from us, or if you would like further information about our range then feel free to call us on our direct number.

Whatever notice boards you are after, we have up to nine sizes available and many are tamperproof and lockable for your piece of mind. From classic charcoal finishes to very stylish woven boards, our range of notice boards are purchased with you in mind which allows you to ease your work flow of work and organisation strategies is of paramount importance to us, and our friendly and knowledge.

Although we are a relatively young company, we have grown so much over the years and we do this by caring about our products. We strive to stock and sell products of this best quality. You are bound to find the products you want from us, we’re proud of our diverse range and want you to be 100% happy with all our products too.