The Uses of Magnetic Whiteboards

At Scribble, we pride ourselves on being an innovative company, consistently evolving our products for the benefit of our customers. We offer a range of magnetic whiteboards all with the focus of easing the way you carry out everyday tasks.

With our many years of experience in the visual communications industry, we stock a large range of magnetic whiteboards of varying sizes, shapes and prices, suiting every budget. Magnetic whiteboards have revolutionised the way we relay information in the modern world, and offer individuals in varying job roles a great way to supply information.

Magnetic whiteboards may be used in any situation where an adaptable visual communication method is required, however, such equipment is commonly used:

In classrooms, lecture halls and work spaces

In conference or meeting rooms

For general display of information

For advertising purposes

For decorative purposes

The Advantages of Magnetic Whiteboards

Since the rise of computer technology, you would be forgiven for thinking that traditional magnetic whiteboards would have soon become obsolete. However, there are many advantages to having a communication product that gives a user the option of manually changing the information displayed.

Picture the scene: You’re in the middle of an important meeting, discussing ideas that could change the way you carry out integral company functions. All of a sudden, the device you’re using to keep track of everyone’s amazing comments shuts down.

The solution: Unlike their electronically crafted counter parts, magnetic whiteboards cannot suffer technical malfunctions. With a smooth, clear surface that shows up a wide range of pen colours, as well as a large surface area, there is plenty of space to separate any information on display for easy reading. Further to this, magnetic whiteboards need not be plugged in to a wall or any device in order for them to work, and as such may be placed in any desired space in a room, suited by the individual.

The clue is in the name when it comes to the next advantage of this ever popular product. The magnetic face of a magnetic whiteboard gives users another way to present information to their target audience, and can even act as a way of deciphering what information needs to attract the most attention, and what may be considered general or handy details to have on display.

Further to this, with a magnetic whiteboard on display in a room, there is no need to mark walls with sticky tac, sellotape, or pins when hanging up leaflets. In the same way that magnetic whiteboards make a great way to store excess information, they may also be used as decorative pieces in a room.

Most class rooms and offices have neutrally decorated rooms, and many also have restrictions on what can be hung up on display in order to make the room appear more inviting to those that will be using it. Consequently, magnetic whiteboards can act as statement pieces in a room, whilst also having a practical function that can be used by individuals of any age as often as needed, no battery change or system update required!


If you see a magnetic whiteboard as simply a plain board with little function, you couldn’t be more further from the truth. The clear space of a magnetic whiteboard allows users to use grid lines, writing guidelines and further aids, including things such as music notes to suit their needs.

The organisation of your business, school or work environment is of paramount importance for maintaining a clear stream of communication. In addition to this, organised systems pave the way for successful growth, and ensure your establishment keeps track of important information, necessary for the smooth running of daily tasks, or one off requirements.

Magnetic whiteboards are not only useful as an aid for one individual, and when used in certain environments are often participative and therefore encourage interaction from your audience. Consequently, magnetic whiteboards work well within environments that require individuals to think creatively, such as: classrooms, the work place and workshops/leisure centres. Further to this, several studies have concluded that the use of magnetic whiteboards in a learning environment can motivate students of all ages.

The Classroom

You might not have ever thought of your whiteboard as a special investment, however various studies conclude just how valuable an investment your magnetic whiteboard may be.

If you operate in an educational environment, you will be well versed with the various learning styles that individuals can develop. Each learning style operates a different part of the brain and therefore:

· Visual learners make use of the occipital lobes at the back of the brain.

· Aural learners make use of the temporal lobes, with the right temporal lobe being especially important for music.

· Verbal learners use the temporal and frontal lobes

· Physical learners make use of the cerebellum and the motor cortex (at the back of the frontal lobe).

A magnetic whiteboard caters to a range of learning styles, and allows users to interact with the learning device visually, as well as physically. Any Device that adds a new element to study, including personal whiteboards, or wall mounted whiteboards will engage a pupil’s attention for much longer, and consequently heighten the educational experience.

Magnetic Whiteboards: Shapes

We’re sure you’re well versed with the traditional shape of magnetic whiteboards, but at Scribble, we like to break the mould. As well as the regular rectangle magnetic whiteboards, our TALK range includes speech bubble shaped boards, complete with a magnetic pen tray that can be conveniently placed anywhere upon the surface.

Uniquely shaped magnetic whiteboards are great for small spaces that require key information to be displayed in a way that will grab attention.


We like to give you options. Should you not be able to find your perfect product on our website, we welcome you to drop us a line so we can help source the right product for you.

Many of the boards in our magnetic whiteboard range have flat edges, helping you slot them next to each other, creating your very own visual master piece. Our innovative flat edge boards may be placed on their own for a contemporary look, or slotted next to each other for a full wall display.


There’s a lot more to magnetic whiteboards than may meet the eye. Once you’ve settled on the perfect whiteboard for the space you have available, it is important that invest in the right accessories to compliment you purchase, helping you get the most out of your new device. At Scribble we offer a wide range of complimentary purchases including:

From selecting the most suitable pens in the right colours that will relay your message in the best way, to choosing a caring spray that will remove pesky stains, but also protect the coating of your whiteboard, we have all you need to ensure you can continue to write and draw with ease and clarity.

Magnetic Whiteboards: The Scribble Difference

Although we’re a relatively young company, our impressive growth stands as testament to the new standards we are setting in the industry. We care about each facet of our business, and strive to only stock and sell products of premium quality. We’re proud of our range of uniquely designed stock, and want you to be proud to use it.

We take an ethical approach to sourcing all of the materials we use for our products, and have sustainability at the heart of all we do. You’d be forgiven for thinking that due to our specialist knowledge and premium quality products that our prices would be much higher than our competitors, but that is not the case. We welcome you to take a look at our vast range, drop us a line over email, or even give us a call on our direct dial, should you have any queries regarding your purchase.

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