Magnetic Notice Boards


Versatility is the key, and at Scribble we stock a wide variety of products that meet all of your visual communication needs.

Magnetic notice boards provide easy storage and holder options for notes, reminders, or even special photos.

Whether you need a focal point for your room, require a blank wall to be filled, or need somewhere to store all of your helpful lists, magnetic notice boards are a timeless piece that can be blended in to the décor of a room,

or be customised to stand out against their backdrop. We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service, and are always on hand whenever you need us to talk you through your purchase.

The Advantages Of Magnetic Notice Boards
Magnetic notice boards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, giving users the flexibility to visually communicate in the best way to suit their business model or general needs.

We do our upmost to ensure all of the materials we use to make create out high quality products have been ethically sourced.

We understand that no two individuals are the same, and consequently neither are their visual communication needs, which is why we stock a variety of products in various sizes.

We Stock Magnetic Notice Boards
Whether you need a lockable notice board you can place outside to attract the attention of the public or a target group of customers,

magnetic notice boards can help you communicate your message in line with your specific company tone, or to aid the selling of a product.

Magnetic notice boards can be placed inside or outside, and their appearance may be customised, making them a popular in multiple settings.

Ensuring the product you invest in matches your needs is of paramount importance to us, and our friendly and knowledgeable team promise to work hard to meet your needs on all occasions.

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